About the Electronic Archive System

Electronic Archive System, EAS for short, was designed to help researchers to share gathered and systematized empirical data, provide a tool for comparative analysis, and for collaborative writing. The data set describes communities of youth "taste" subcultures, New religious movements and different ethnic minorities, located in post-Soviet countries of Europe, and representing various world views, values and beliefs. The EAS is particularly suited for ethnographic data, which usually comes in such forms as audio, video streams, photos or written documents. For the archive to be useful the search functionality must exist. It is implemented with the help of synopses which give metadata about the stored data.

The EAS follows a strict policy on deciding which data can be seen by the researcher and which by the wider public. The actual digital data can be accessed only by the registered researcher. The metadata or synopses are visible to everyone.

Researchers from Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and UK contributed to development of the archive:

As a result of the contributions from the researchers, the EAS now stores more than twenty hours of video material, more than forty hours of audio material, more than 2,000 photos and many text documents.

The EAS helps to write collaboratively, and has been used in writing the book "Subcultures and New Religious Movements in Russia and East-Central Europe (Cultural Identity Studies)" and in preparing the second issue of the Journal Grupės ir aplinkos = Groups and Environments (alternatively, please visit journal's home page).

The creation of the EAS started with the EU FP6 project:
Society and Lifestyles: Towards Enhancing Social Harmonisation through Knowledge of Subcultural Communities / EU FP6, Project Acronym: SAL, Contract No: STREP-CT-CIT5-029013, Start: January 1st, 2006

The project results are available at Cordis webpage

To read more about the project, please visit http://sal.vdu.lt/index.php


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